Peter Kayafas

Images shown on the site are just a small sample of works available by the artists.

Peter Kayafas is a photographer, publisher, curator and teacher who lives in New York City where he is the Director of the Eakins Press Foundation. His photographs have been widely exhibited, and are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art; the Brooklyn Museum of Art; The New York Public Library; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; the New Orleans Museum of Art; and the DeCordova Museum, among others. He has taught photography at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn since 2000, and is the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Corporation of Yaddo. In addition to two other monographs (The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta and O Public Road! Photographs of America) his new book Totems, with an essay by Jed Perl, is available from the Purple Martin Press.

Kayafas has received extensive coverage, including The New Yorker, Collector Daily, and the Boston Globe. He has had three solo shows with Sasha Wolf Gallery.

Aint-Bad Magazine, February 2015

Collector Daily, May 2014

Hyperallergic, May 2014

The Boston Globe, January 2012

The New Yorker, July 2011

The New York Sun, July 2008

The New York Sun, February 2008

The Boston Phoenix, March 2005
Kayafas is an artist who keeps his strength in check.… [His photographs are] as initially unassuming as they are ultimately powerful. Kayafas’s pictures are rich in knowledge….Candid is just the beginning.

The New Yorker, March 2005
His pictures are crisp and direct, and the best of them vibrate with understated graphic tension.