DISPATCHES: 1998-2008

The photographs in Chin’s “Dispatches, 1998-2008” all concern front-page news: the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, Kosovo, China’s Sichuan earthquake.  This is familiar ground, and there are a few deja-vu moments here–dazed people covered in ashes, a woman wading down a flooded street. But many more of Chin’s photographs, like his artful black-and-white portraits of earthquake survivors, are behind-the-scenes views, pictures that flesh out headline stories.  Perhaps the best of them is of a large group of Taliban prisoners crowded together in the corridor of an Afghani jail.  Every face is arresting, at once Felliniesque and Biblical.  Through March 7.

Review by Vince Aletti, March 9, 2009