Press Release



Sasha Wolf Gallery is proud to announce the first solo exhibition by artists, Tribble & Mancenido.

The exhibition will open on Thursday, September 9th with a reception from 6 – 8 PM.

At the height of one of the worst financial crises in American history, photographers James Frank Tribble and Tracey Mancenido-Tribble went to truck-driving school, got their commercial driver’s licenses and hit the highway. With the long tradition of road photography, ever present in mind, Tribble & Mancenido set out on their own journey across America to explore and illuminate the trucking subculture that drives our economy. Spending one full year on the road, the couple drove their 18-wheeler over one hundred thousand miles and spent over two thousand hours delivering loads.

Hurry Up & Wait is a personal, reverential and poetic meditation of an industry, and way of life, that most people know very little about. In their beautifully composed and staged portraits, Tribble and Mancenido make use of the misty atmosphere and white gravel ground of common truck stops as a backdrop against which they evoke the surprisingly tender nobility of their fellow truckers. And their tightly focused studies of the places and paraphernalia integral to trucking life such as gas stations, parking lots, warning triangles and empty trailers elevates these prosaic subjects to a level of distinction.

Instead of entertaining stereotypical notions about truck drivers, Tribble & Mancenido show us the quiet, and oft-times, majestic, moments of a driver’s life and, specifically, what that life looked like to them through the lens of their large format camera.

Tribble received his BFA from The School of Visual Arts and Mancenido from Polimoda in Florence, Italy. They have been exhibited and published nationally and internationally, including shows at Centre Pompidou, in association with the Shanghai Art Museum, Houston Center for Photography, PIP International Photo Festival In Pingyao, China and Host Gallery in London. This Fall they will be shown in Toronto as winners of Magenta’s Flash Forward Festival and in publications such as, Canteen Magazine and The British Journal of Photography.