“The Testament Project is an exploration and re-conception of the contemporary black experience in America. More often than not, black people are portrayed in the extreme—either as very rich or very poor, they are demonized, infantilized, ridiculed, idolized or hyper-sexualized; and within the art canon there is a noticeable scarcity of black representation.”

More of Kris’ work, as well as his biography, press, and publications, can be found on his artist’s page.

caleb charland


In his most recent (truly astounding) work Charland resumes his explorations of the natural world while at the same time continuing to push the boundaries of darkroom possibilities. As with his previous Double Index images- last seen in his exhibition, Redshift- one sheet of paper is used as both the receiver of the information and the transmitter. In this case, specifically, the water image is folded over onto the upper portion of the paper and used as a negative to print the sky.

Doug Fogelson


Meike is the newest addition to the Sasha Wolf Projects roster of artists and we’re so thrilled to be working with her.
Please go to Meike’s artist page to view more of her work, or email us at for all of the relevant information.

McNair Evans

caleb charland

Adam Katseff

Doug Fogelson


We are pleased to announce that Doug Fogelson has recently joined the gallery. Based in Chicago, Fogelson studied art and photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College Chicago. Fogelson’s first exhibition with Sasha Wolf Gallery will be on view beginning March 2, 2016.