Fotografin Hus’ current exhibition of Elinor Carruci’s Kin and Self received great reviews, one of which states (translated from swedish):

Naket kärleksfullt utan försköning (Naked Loving Without Embellishment)

“There is nothing flattering in Elinor Caruccis photographs. That is why they are so affecting. They stick in the memory, not necessarily because we want to remember them, but rather because we can’t forget them. With her camera Carucci follows the family life that goes on around her…”

“…Without being shocking, Caruccis family suite appears as daring in its ruthless honesty in the portrayal of their own experiences. It is as lovingly as it is nude. She never hesitates before exposing herself and her nearest in everyday intimate moments. The camera examines details as if it was a magnifying glass. Children are breastfed, milk is dripping from a swollen breast, a blood trail winds in the basin. Spouses sulk and reconciliate. Very private and at the same time easy to empathize in. It’s about time passing in ordinary life without embellishment and without moralizing.”

-Joanna Persman, January 26, 2012