FAIR NEWS: Kris Graves at Art on Paper

Please come visit us at the Art on Paper fair this week!
You can find us in booth C3.

This year will be a solo booth featuring the Testament Project portraits by Kris Graves.

“The Testament Project is an exploration and re-conception of the contemporary black experience in America. More often than not, black people are portrayed in the extreme—either as very rich or very poor, they are demonized, infantilized, ridiculed, idolized or hyper-sexualized; and within the art canon there is a noticeable scarcity of black representation.
In these glowing portraits, control of the colored lighting is given to my subjects, in order to create a space that is participatory and empowered. By including subjects in the creation of the scene and the altering of color, I seek to create photographs that portray individuality in addition to their blackness.”

Kris Graves
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