Consultations and Mentoring:

Sasha is available for individual consultations with photographers in person or via Skype as well as long term mentoring. 

Prices for consults and mentoring are worked out on a sliding scale to accommodate people of different means. 

Consultations can be as straight forward as in-depth critique of work -with or without specific editing guidance- or can expand to include information regarding the navigation of the art world in general. Consultations can be one session, once a month, or once a week (mentoring). Any type of work session can be tailored to the individual photographer’s needs.

Some of the topics covered during consultations may include:

  • How does your work fit in to the larger contemporary art scene?
  • What is the best outlet for your work? Gallery exhibition, book, museum exhibition?
  • How does one determine size, edition numbers, and pricing of one’s work?
  • How does one go about finding the right gallery to approach?
  • What is the best way to present your work?
  • What can you expect from a relationship with a gallerist or publisher? Who pays for what? Are there contracts involved?


Book Project Development:

As the print market contracts ( thanks a lot instagram!) more and more photographers are depending on the photo book to introduce their work to a wider audience. Sasha is available to consult on book projects, including editing and sequencing, the production of a high-quality book dummy and/or a spec budget for publication. 

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Upcoming workshops and classes :

Getting Seen, Getting Shown: Professional Practices for the Fine Art Photographer

Jess T. Dugan and Sasha Wolf
Filter Festival
Chicago, IL
September 21, 2017
Click here for more information and to register. 


Current Critique Group is Full. New critique group to be scheduled soon. 

If you are interested in applying for a class please email

Sasha believes in absolute engagement, fostered by small, well curated classes, so each participant will be expected to come ready to show their work and engage fully with the work of others. We do not care if you are articulate or not, extroverted or shy. We do not care if you studied at Yale or your local library. But we care very much that your practice and projects are strengthened and advanced in our classes and that you have a fulfilling experience. Sasha considers herself an expert at making everyone feel comfortable and considers community building to be essential and a great privilege. Just because you are not in school anymore does not mean you have to forego community. Bring community back!